2013 Archived News Items

  • On January 16, 2013, the “Alcona South Community Development Charrette” was held at the Municipal Offices of the Town of Innisfil (Canada). This event was hosted by the Town, Enbridge Gas and Sustainable Buildings Canada and was the first of its kind for the land development industry operating within the Lake Simcoe Basin. Greenland participated as the Engineer-of-Record for the Cortel Group and presented its visionary concepts for the Alcona South Secondary Plan and 6th Line Infrastructure Employment project, including 300 acres donated by Cortel to the Town for a new hospital and post-secondary education facility. Greenland presented the proposed low impact development; clean energy/smart metering technology systems; flood reduction benefits; and, phosphorus removal benefits which are documented in comprehensive Master Servicing Plan and Master Drainage Plan reports. The Cortel - Charrette process was a success and modifications were later made to the initial community plans to address all comments received from the Town of Innisfil, County of Simcoe, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and other agencies. Local media coverage was also important and the final Alcona South Community Plan will be presented at a public meeting to be held at the Municipal Offices on May 1, 2013.

  • The GREENLAND® Group and Georgian College (Barrie, Canada) initiate an employment skills and education partnership that will provide knowledge, technology transfer, educational and training programs for students enrolled at the Campus and related to the niche environmental engineering services offered by Greenland Consulting Engineers and Stragis Environmental Services. As a priority, this program will include the participation of First Nations students. The initial program goal is for current and continuing education students to obtain certifiable employment skills for Canadian public and private sectors, and includes consideration for available GREENLAND® Group employment openings in the fields of storage tank inspections (petroleum, propane and natural gas), as well as storage tank asset management, compliance, risk and life cycle assessments. Other announcements about this unique partnership and completed benchmarks for success will be provided at a later date.

  • The Town of Shelburne (Canada) is a rapidly growing municipality of over 6,000 people. As part of its growth plan, the Town developed a “Recreation Parks Master Plan” and steps to implement the recommendations from this plan are currently underway. Following a competitive process in February, the GREENLAND® Group was awarded a contract to provide civil engineering, landscape architecture, geotechnical and topographical survey services for the sports field renovation at Greenwood Park. This public facility is the Town’s primary multi-use park and includes a range of facilities such as sports fields, a skateboard park; BMX track; basketball court/outdoor ice rink; and, playgrounds. The current project includes the rehabilitation of the existing soccer field to a FIFA International size natural turf soccer pitch with lighting, seating, irrigation and drainage facilities. As well, trails and walkways will be extended within the park, the current parking lot will be expanded and additional trees will be planted. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

  • In late February, and with assistance from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation and Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Greenland Consulting Engineers visited Manila, Philippines to meet with government officials and regulatory agencies. The mission objectives were to seek a local partner for Greenland to develop a Watershed Management Decision Support System for use in Southeast Asia, identify other engineering alliance project opportunities of mutual benefit and explore an information technology transfer partnership with Greenland’s public sector clients in Canada and United States. Greenland’s primary goal after the mission was to form a strategic partnership with an organization (i.e. research institute, university, NGO or private company) that would allow an application for new partnership technologies for initial use in the Philippines. Ultimately, Greenland and its new Southeast Asia-based partner would then be in a position to provide technology access to other users as well as customized support and services on a fee-for-service basis. In April, a collaboration agreement was executed between Greenland and the Philippine Watershed Management Coalition. Details about future projects will be provided at a later date. The attached picture includes Greenland staff with Philippine officials at a reception hosted by Canada’s Ambassador to Republic of The Philippines, Christopher Thornley.

  • The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio (Canada) supports sustainable growth. Therefore, the provision of sanitary servicing is required to meet the needs of a growing population. In March 2013, Council adopted the comprehensive Master Servicing Plan and Class Environmental Assessment report, prepared by Greenland Consulting Engineers, in support of the Community of Everett Secondary Plan. Greenland completed the project on-time and on-budget. Two (2) client letters are attached.

  • The GREENLAND® Group facilitates new Phoslock applications in Canada that comply with environmental assessment procedures. Final performance monitoring and data analyses will also be undertaken this spring to complete 2012 storm water pond applications in the Greater Toronto Area and where post-application monitoring last fall confirmed significant reductions in phosphorus concentrations compared to baseline conditions and observed historic problems. In April, new project consultations are being undertaken with the Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and Province of Alberta.

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers, in association with R.V. Anderson and Associates, are invited to present at the Fifth Canadian Wastewater Management Conference and Fourty-Eight Central Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research in Hamilton (Canada) on March 6 – 8, 2013. Topics included the City of Orillia (Canada) and Township of Cavan-Monaghan (Canada) waste water treatment plant expansions and required assimilative capacity investigations.

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers is invited by Sustainable Buildings Canada to provide expert peer review services for land development projects in Canada.

  • The GREENLAND® Group is retained by Developer Groups to provide environmental assessment, engineering design and construction management services for new communities in Ontario (Canada) as well as related water supply and wastewater treatment infrastructure systems. Specific details for these large-scale projects will be provided at a later date.

  • The GREENLAND® Group is awarded multiple civil engineering and landscape architect design and construction management contracts for industrial, commercial and institutional projects in Central Ontario (Canada).

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers is retained by the City of Ottawa (Canada) to develop a comprehensive GIS-based stormwater management planning and infrastructure design model, renew the company’s long-standing model keeper role and initiate new peer review responsibilities for the Carp River Subwatershed Restoration Program

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers is invited to renew its water resources peer review services for The Town of The Blue Mountains (Canada). Greenland will also assist the municipality with project approvals process affecting a number of land development applications and municipal infrastructure initiatives with regard to climate change factors.

  • The GREENLAND® Group and Centre for Community Mapping located in Waterloo (Canada) initiate an information and communication technology development joint venture. The goal and strategy of this alliance will be to utilize Canada-wide open government data resources; utilize web-based and mobile application tools; utilize citizen crowd sourcing; and, utilize social media marketing and other emerging technologies/applications to engage and empower government market places to be more open, efficient and effective and through these actions to generate sustainable revenue for GREENLAND® Group – Co-Map alliance. The GREENLAND® Group can then utilize these new tools to expand its suite of proprietary environmental and water resources engineering models. Future project details involving Co-Map will be provided at a later date.

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers and a water resources/site remediation construction group in Toronto (Canada) initiate a joint venture to provide watershed management; low impact development; and, outdoor recreation “design – build services” for public and private sectors. The primary focus of this design – construction Alliance is to implement “biometric practices” and effective green technologies based on best available science. Joint venture projects will include wetland construction and shoreline restoration projects to address climate change issues upon river system flooding; receding Great Lakes water levels; biodiversity loss; surface water contamination and nutrient loading increases; and, carbon sequestering. Further details and announcements about this biomimicry alliance and future projects will be provided at a later date.

  • Based on the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio (Canada) 2013 Master Servicing Plan and Class Environmental Assessment (by Greenland Consulting Engineers) in support of the Community of Everett Secondary Plan, the preferred option is to construct a new Waste Water Treatment Plant to service new and existing populations and with an effluent outfall discharging to the Pine River system of the Nottawasaga River Basin. The adopted Greenland report recommended a Pine River - Phosphorus Reduction (or “PR-2”) Program to reduce current phosphorus loads in the Pine River by implementing effective non-point source reduction practices and conservation management projects that will be identified using the CANWET™ analytical tool. The constructed works will then be implemented in association with the local Conservation Authority and environmental stakeholder groups. The concept of a total phosphorus reduction program with greater than a 1:1 ratio has merit for protecting the Pine River system. The higher proposed ratio will account for individual non-point source reduction practices and land conservation projects in terms of phosphorus load reduction variation. Annual total phosphorus removed by each practice, project or combinations thereof, will vary from the calculated phosphorus load reductions due to natural variation in weather, site conditions, project design and maintenance. Climate change factors and impacts will also be considered during the PR-2 Program. The approach is also transferable to other watersheds in Canada.

  • The GREENLAND® Group and the Board of Directors are profiled in the March 2013 edition of the Canadian Business Journal. Please use this link to read the article.

  • The GREENLAND® Group initiates new scientific research and experimental development initiatives with Canadian universities. This includes the University of Waterloo’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to assist with the “next generation” of the CANWET™ decision support system and to provide independent performance reviews of Phoslock for new and expanded uses throughout Canada. The University of Guelph – College of Physical and Engineering Sciences will assist Greenland Consulting Engineers with the design and performance monitoring of artificial floating island systems. The University of Guelph will also continue its urban construction sediment control research for Greenland’s land development clients in Ontario. Further details and announcements will be provided at a later date.

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Client Testimonials

Six Nations Council

On behalf of the Environment Office of the Six Nations of the Grand River, we would like to thank Greenland International Consulting Limited for the work completed to prepare the Master Drainage and Flood Remediation Plan (MDFRP) for the McKenzie Creek watershed. This plan has now enabled our office to identify the flood prone residences throughout the watershed with the flood plain mapping that has been prepared as part of this assignement. We appreciate the role that Greenland has played in assisting our office in directing Public Works with prioritizing the remedial projects to be completed in the flood prone areas. 

We also appreciate Greenland's effort in assisting the Six Nations of the Grand River with the preparation of funding applications to secure the resources to complete these remedial works. We are convinced that this MDFRP can be used as a template for completing similar drainage and flood remediation works both locally and in other First Nations lands. 

We look forward to working with your company again in the near future on the remaining watersheds that need this important work done. 

Thank you for your ongoing assistance. 

Clynt King 
Environmental Technician 
Six Nations Council Environment Office 

July 25, 2016

Municipality of Meaford

Re: Reference Letter

The municipality of Meaford has worked very closely with Greenland International Consulting Ltd. on a number of projects over the past few years. Some of these projects include the development of a master plan for property along the Bighead River in Meaford as well as the development of accessibility ramp in the urban core. Their visioning and attention to detail is some of the best I have ever worked with. Their willingness to communicate with staff and implement comments through public cosultation sessions makes the entire process flawless. I would highly recommend the services of Greenland International Consulting for any future planning projects. 

Rod Willis
Manager, Parks and Facilities Services 
Municipality of Meaford

November 13, 2020

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) is a national applied research centre that focuses on mobilizing practical and cost-effective solutions to address climate change and extreme weather events. To this end, the ICCA is an incubator of new adaptation ideas, conducting research, knowledge mobilization and promoting initiatives aimed at de-risking the negative impacts of a changing climate and extreme weather. One of ICCA’s concerns is a growing uninsurable housing market in Canada relative to sewer backup.
ICCA believes the advanced technology and features of the SafeSump system can be instrumental to mitigating basement flood potential.  I have one of the first prototypes of the SafeSump system installed in my home. I have interacted directly with the start-up founder. I view him as entrepreneurial and passionate, and have met other members of his team with whom I was similarly impressed.  I am also familiar with Greenland Consulting Engineers, and congratulate SafeSump Inc. on their choice to create a joint “SafeSump” venture with Greenland.
ICCA looks forward to a supportive relationship with SafeSump Inc. upon the larger scale availability of their much-needed technology.

Dr. Blair Feltmate
Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
Faculty of Environment
University of Waterloo

October 6, 2016

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