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  • Murray Maracle Sr. joins the Greenland Group as a Director and Senior Associate. He will serve as our key advisor on First Nations projects in Canada and provide liaison support for international projects involving stakeholder consultations and communications with governments and indigenous peoples. Murray is a member of the Turtle Clan from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near the Bay of Quinte (Canada) and has served three (3) terms as Councillor on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Council. He has strong ties with most First Nations communities in Canada and has been active in governance and education in his past roles as Executive Assistant to the Grand Chief of Ontario, Vice President of the First Nation Technical Institute and Director of Education for the Anishinabek Nation. Murray received a Life Member service award from the Queens University in Kingston (Canada) and was appointed to Ontario’s Council of Regents – a body that appointed the boards of 24 colleges in Ontario and charged with negotiating collective agreements for all the colleges.     

  • Following a competitive process, GREENLAND® is invited by Infrastructure Ontario as a roster consultant to provide professional engineering services for technical, design and construction management projects over the next four (4) years. The project areas for this Vendor of Record includes Northern Ontario and proposed Ring of Fire (mining) resource and land development region. Earlier this year, the Ontario Government committed $1Billion to new infrastructure funding for this high priority and economic growth region. 

  • On June 6th, GREENLAND® was one of many corporate sponsors for the Spring of Hope Gala event and which included Cardinal Thomas Collins. Over $300,000 was raised to help local charities in the Greater Toronto Area and South Georgian Bay region.   

  • On May 25th, GREENLAND® management, staff and friends held its annual clean-up of Raglan Street in the Town of Collingwood (Canada). GREENLAND® adopted the road last year, were the engineers of record when it was reconstructed in 2011 and engineers for the industrial park which is serviced by the road and includes the latest Georgian College campus.

  • For the past decade, GREENLAND® has provided annual scholarships to Secondary School students graduating in Simcoe County (Canada). In late June, a few financial awards were provided to students that graduated and excelled in chemistry and mathematics.  

  • GREENLAND® is invited by Rain for Rent (a reputable U.S. contractor and product distributor) to provide professional engineering support for the company’s Canada-wide expansion plans. ‘Rain for Rent’ is a leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions including pumps, tanks, filtration and spill containment. Projects range from flood relief to construction site de-watering, sewer bypasses and industrial plant turnarounds. Known for its systems engineering expertise and ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively, ‘Rain for Rent’ provides exceptionally high value to organizations with critical liquid management issues. The company is family owned, has operated since 1934 and serves all 50 states and Canada from over 60 locations. Further announcements about this business partnership and specific projects will be provided later on. 

  • The City of Edmonton (Alberta) and City of Lethbridge (Alberta) apply Phoslock to stormwater management facilities to control excessive algae growth.

  • Greenland’s documentation and recommendations about CANWET for further use on the Lake Winnipeg Basin are accepted and posted on the Lake Winnipeg Basin Information Network by the University of Manitoba. Given uncertainties in some input data and model parameters, the CANWET results for baseline conditions of stream discharge, nutrient concentrations and loads were satisfactory since simulated values were within the range of observed values during the validation period. CANWET was also used to simulate the outcomes of land use change scenarios incorporating varying degrees of wetland restoration and cropland conversion to forage in the test subwatershed. This study also confirmed that with the use of improved input data and through verification of key model parameters that CANWET could be used to predict changes to nutrient loads from changing land use scenarios within  any subwatersheds of the Lake Winnipeg Basin. 

  • During the week of May 12th, Mr. Ted Stuart is representing Simcoe County (Ontario) at Canada’s National School Science Fair. Ted is a 15 year old, Grade 9 student from Collingwood (Ontario). Over the past few months, Greenland staff mentored him about experiments that investigated the elimination of phosphorus from agricultural lands and specifically potato wash-water effluent from a local processing facility. Mr. Stuart’s science-based solution was profiled in the media (see http://www.theenterprisebulletin.com/2014/04/17/pra-students-science-project-makes-nationals) and including CBC Radio. Greenland wishes Mr. Stuart success at Canada’s national event. His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm about environmental issues is impressive and these attributes are key for his generation to help all of us find cost-effective and science-based solutions that also have regard for climate change concerns.

  • Greenland is retained by municipalities to assist with updates to engineering design standards affecting new developments and that will have regard for science-based solutions and including Low Impact Development (LID) systems, regional climate factors, and integration of clean energy technologies.

  • Greenland is invited by municipalities to provide peer review services affecting proposed communities and in the fields of master drainage planning; stormwater management; flood damage reduction; and, contaminant transport to receiving watercourses and freshwater lakes. 

  • Researchers from the University of Victoria (http://www.uvic.ca) selected the CANWET™ decision support system to examine non-point loadings into coastal mountain lakes within British Columbia (Canada). The purpose of the research will be to address the protection and improvement of source waters through quantifying current risks to water quality from land-based anthropogenic activities. The resulting CANWET ™ model will integrate watershed collected data and best available science that can be used later by regulatory agencies and other stakeholders for basin restoration and climate change planning that will help preserve lake water quality.

January - April 2014

  • Greenland receives letter of acknowledgement from the Credit Valley Conservation (Canada) regarding the successful performance of a cost-effective floating island system for storm water management pond applications. ‎Greenland was responsible for the unique design and construction oversight too. See attached letter of reference

  • As University of Guelph Alumni, Mark and Jane Palmer were invited to help officially open on March 12th the final expansion phase of the School of Engineering. They were joined by clients and staff for the ribbon cutting events. With Dean Tony Vannelli, Mark and Jane unveiled the Alumni Donor Wall while Dr. Alastair Summerlee, University President and Vice-Chancellor, officiated the grand opening ceremony. Since 2003, the Greenland Group has financially supported software development and environmental research at the University and has hired many CO-OP students and graduates over the past decade. Greenland staff are now assisting the University’s Alumni Association with networking events.

  • For the past few years, Greenland Consulting Engineers has been registered as an ‘Engineer Vendor of Record’ for the Government of Ontario. MHPM Project Managers has been retained by the Ontario Realty Corporation and Infrastructure Ontario to provide management oversight for its building asset development and renewal projects. To-date, Greenland has completed a number of assignments and many with a stormwater management, landscape architecture, flood hazard reduction or functional drainage focus. Attached is the latest performance MHPM report card for Greenland and including a “100% score” to complete all required tasks for a development project in the City of Orillia (Canada).

  • Last year, Greenland established an exciting partnership with Communitech’s DATA.BASE program, University of Waterloo and Centre for Community Mapping (COMAP). Currently, the partners are further developing the CANadian Watershed Evaluation Tool (CANWET) and creating the first ever Canadian web-based watershed modeling platform (with climate change impact capabilities) that will include unlimited access to open databases for pollution control, source water protection, nutrient management and wastewater infrastructure planning and design projects. This Greenland team “big data project” and vision was a perfect fit for Communitech’s DATA.BASE program and which is a collaboration of government, business and post-secondary institutions that seek to tap into “big data” and harness both the value and the knowledge. Further details about this environmental software joint venture and other related news about Canadian Government funding for an open data institute at the University of Waterloo, can be found respectively at http://www.communitech.ca/main-communitech/federal-budget-provides-funding-to-create-open-data-institute.

  • The Greenland Group and Anishinabek Educational Institute (North Bay, Canada) initiate an employment skills and education partnership to provide business knowledge, niche technology use skills, educational and training programs for students enrolled at the Campus and related to the environmental consulting services offered by Greenland Consulting Engineers and Stragis Environmental Services. This program will include the participation of First Nations students. The program goal is for students to obtain certifiable employment skills for public and private sectors, and will include consideration for employment openings in the fields of storage tank inspections (petroleum, propane and natural gas), as well as storage tank asset management, compliance, risk and life cycle assessments. Other announcements about this Canadian First Nations – private business partnership and benchmarks for success will be provided this year.

  • On November 27, 2013, a Charrette was facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Canada and Enbridge Gas about a proposed expansion to the Everett Community in the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio (Canada). It was the first of its kind in the County of Simcoe - which is designated as a high growth region in Ontario. The Charrette was attended by municipal staff and consultant (Greenland Consulting Engineers) representing the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio, and representatives from the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Ontario Federation of Agriculture, developer and home builder. The Charrette included other energy and stormwater management experts who provided specific insights related to energy and water conservation, and many other environmental aspects associated with the proposed development. On January 13, 2014, a presentation by the developer and builder about the Charrette process, conclusions and recommendations was made to Municipal Council. (Background: The “Savings By Design” (SBD) program was developed by Enbridge in response to the Ontario Energy Board’s direction to integrate market transformation into Demand-side Management Programs. SBD promotes market transformation using a holistic approach, with the goal to achieve an improvement in overall energy performance and facilitate low impact development and other innovative environmental performance solutions. The objective of the SBD market transformation program is to have buildings achieve an energy performance level that is at least 25% better than what is required by the Ontario Building Code.)

  • The Greenland Group is retained by developer groups to provide environmental assessment, engineering design and construction management services for new communities, as well as related water supply and wastewater treatment infrastructure systems.  

  • The Greenland Group is awarded low impact development and landscape architecture contracts for industrial, commercial and institutional projects. This includes its first assignment for the Toronto District School Board and new expansion for the Keele Street Public School that is being led by MORIYAMA & TESHIMA ARCHITECTS.

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers is invited by the City of Ottawa (Canada) to complete the development of a comprehensive GIS-based stormwater management planning and infrastructure design model; renew a long-standing stormwater management Model Keeper Role; and, initiate other expert review responsibilities on an annual basis. A letter of reference is attached about our past 5 years of professional engineering services

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers renews (for another 4-year term) its expert and peer review services for The Town of The Blue Mountains (Canada). Greenland will continue to assist the Municipality with project approvals affecting land development applications, and infrastructure initiatives that have regard for climate change factors. A letter of acknowledgment is attached about Greenland’s initial contract performance.  

  • Greenland Consulting Engineers is invited by Sustainable Buildings Canada to provide expert peer review services for land development projects. A letter of acknowledgment is attached about Greenland’s program participation and company’s other contributions to-date.

  • R. Mark Palmer. P. Eng., President and CEO, is appointed by Canada’s Environment Minister to serve (over the next few years) on a Public Advisory Committee that will help select a total of $29 Million projects from the “Lake Simcoe/South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-up Fund”. For more information about the program and copy of the Environment Canada brochure, please visit http://www.ec.gc.ca/Publications/default.asp?lang=En&xml=D63551EB-4117-4255-89DA-C28206894E37.

  • In December 2013, Greenland met with representatives from the Government of Ontario to present a defendable method and new software tool to determine potential impacts from snow melt induced flood events. The model includes Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) curves derived from Environment Canada’s hourly weather database, as well as local historical records for wind, relative humidity, temperature and rainfall. The information is then imported into the Generalized Snowmelt Equation (developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) to establish the energy balance that would impact snowpack on an hourly basis. The conditional probability of the potential melt response during late winter period months are then determined from a one (1) hour to twelve (12) hour events and plotted against summer-fall period IDF curves for only rainfall events. Spring event flooding return periods can then be developed for a spectrum of durations for any climatic region in Canada. This methodology has been tested and validated for some of Greenland’s municipal clients in Ontario. The methodology will be considered for the next update to the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s Stormwater Management Design Manual, to assist with the preparation of municipality drainage infrastructure design standards and to be applied by Greenland for its current expansion of professional services in Canada.

  • Last year, Greenland’s partners, associates and dedicated employees further expanded their vision for the development of open data decision support systems, new products, and long-standing commitment towards corporate – social values, such as financially supporting public education programs and creating new partnerships. This year, staff is also volunteering to support local school initiatives involving computer science, robotics design and pollution control science. This includes a Collingwood (Ontario) elementary school student from the Pretty River Academy who is evaluating a number of nutrient removal technologies on the market and the effectiveness of each to clean stream water and wash-water waste from local potato and floral grower operations. These industries are also contributing since the student’s goal is to receive a national award at this year’s Canada science fair event.

  • Phoslock™ application projects to stormwater management ponds and inland lakes are initiated in Western Canada. See attached article about an application to Killarney Lake (Manitoba). Last year, baseline and initial performance results from a 10 tonne application of Phoslock™ to Loafer’s Lake in the City of Brampton (Canada) was profiled in the Water Canada Magazine. Thereafter, final water quality data was collected by Greenland to complete the project. The attached document includes a profile with all data about this successful application of Phoslock™ to an urban lake in Canada.  

  • As a result of growth and new opportunities in Canada, the Greenland Group receives new licenses to provide professional engineering services in the Province of Saskatchewan, Province of Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  

CANWET Informational Video (2014)

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

In March of 2013, Greenland International Consulting Ltd. completed a study for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to estimate nutrient loading in small catchment of about 177 square kilometers in the La Salle River watershed in southern Manitoba using the CANWET 4 model. Given uncertainties in some input data and model parameters, the preliminary results using the CANWET 4 model for baseline conditions of stream discharge, nutrient concentrations and loads were satisfactory in our project team as simulated values were within the range of observed values during the validation period.

This study suggests the CANWET 4 modeling approach could be used to predict changes to nutrient loads from changing land use scenarios in watersheds of this region.

Jason Vanrobaeys
Senior Land Resource Specialist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


City of Toronto

Mayor David Miller and Members of Toronto City Council extend appreciation to Greenland Group of Companies for your outstanding contribution to the City of Toronto’s Green Roof Technical Advisory Group. As a participant of the City of Toronto’s Green Roof Technical Advisory Board, you have contributed tremendously to its leadership role on climate change and helped support the development of the Toronto Green Roof By-law.

This initiative, the first of its kind in North America, sets the standard in designing sites and buildings across the city that are more environmentally friendly, a key strategy in reducing the effects of climate change.
We thank you for helping our city achieve its vision and goals on climate change – it is this kind of collaboration that makes us proud, prosperous and successful.

Best wishes for continued success.

David Miller
City of Toronto

May 2010

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) is a national applied research centre that focuses on mobilizing practical and cost-effective solutions to address climate change and extreme weather events. To this end, the ICCA is an incubator of new adaptation ideas, conducting research, knowledge mobilization and promoting initiatives aimed at de-risking the negative impacts of a changing climate and extreme weather. One of ICCA’s concerns is a growing uninsurable housing market in Canada relative to sewer backup.
ICCA believes the advanced technology and features of the SafeSump system can be instrumental to mitigating basement flood potential.  I have one of the first prototypes of the SafeSump system installed in my home. I have interacted directly with the start-up founder. I view him as entrepreneurial and passionate, and have met other members of his team with whom I was similarly impressed.  I am also familiar with Greenland Consulting Engineers, and congratulate SafeSump Inc. on their choice to create a joint “SafeSump” venture with Greenland.
ICCA looks forward to a supportive relationship with SafeSump Inc. upon the larger scale availability of their much-needed technology.

Dr. Blair Feltmate
Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
Faculty of Environment
University of Waterloo

October 6, 2016

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