2016 Archived News Items

  • The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) at the University of Waterloo (Canada) is leading a project to calculate the monetary value of natural wetlands to effect flood risk mitigation within proximity of urban development. The project will determine wetland flood attenuation economic benefits from the standpoint of flood damages avoided within Ontario river basin (pilot) sites. GREENLAND® was retained by the University of Waterloo to assist with determining annual flood damages at municipal infrastructure assets (e.g., roads, sidewalks, bridges, culverts) for multiple mid-summer, return period events and wetland modeling scenarios. The hydrologic and hydraulic (2-dimensional) modeling approach includes baseline (existing) watershed conditions and loss of wetland scenarios.   
  • After a competitive process, GREENLAND® is retained by the Town of Blue Mountains (Canada) to provide Professional Engineering Support Services for an initial 2-year term and including an option to extend the contract for an additional 2 years.
  • Increasingly, ‘smart’  (Internet-based) tools and techniques are being developed and implemented for water management and treatment that help to extend asset life, reduce energy and water use, and provide better client service, ultimately leading to more strategic asset management and saving money. On November 30th, GREENLAND® attended an invitation-only workshop (hosted by the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Southern Ontario Water Consortium and WaterTAP) to facilitate a structured engagement between companies, municipalities and researchers. The forum focused on the key challenges and opportunities for more widespread adoption of these smart technologies and approaches. The event focused on answering: “What specific actions or changes would facilitate transforming Ontario fully to smart water utilities through the uptake of innovative approaches and technologies?” The forum also focused on necessary conditions to enable the adoption of more smart technologies in Ontario.
  • On November 28th, Town of Collingwood - Municipal Council adopted (unanimously) a resolution to initiate a 3-year program (on behalf of several private and public sector organizations) and pursue an opportunity for a technology pilot partnership. With this opportunity comes an integrated ‘smart’ (Internet-based) stormwater management implementation and Low Impact Development (LID) pilot sites monitoring initiative. GREENLAND® will serve as the project team lead. Further details will be provided at a later date.
  • The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) at the University of Waterloo (Canada) is leading a national project to establish best practices to reduce flood risk in new residential subdivisions (greenfield development). The ICCA is engaged in consultations with municipal engineers, insurers, mortgage lenders, developers, builders, real estate associations and others nationally to establish these best practices and prioritize them. On November 15, 2016 at the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) conference (http://www.nwwc2016.ca), Ms. Natalia Moudrak (ICCA) led a session to review draft best practices for flood resilient community design and request feedback through a facilitated discussion. GREENLAND® staff participated on the panel and provided comments about the draft practices document. The ICCA report will be finalized in mid 2017. A copy of the 2016 CWWA conference presentation is attached and includes information about the ICCA project’s next steps.  
  • ​In late October, the GREENLAND® Group was advised by the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation that its’ Round #2 application to Canada’s National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) was successful. The project will include the preparation of hydrologic and hydraulic models with a climate change impact focus, as well as floodplain mapping to assist with ongoing and future community programs. For more information about the NDMP. Click here for more information. The Six Nations Council was also successful with a large grant from the Ontario Communities Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) and which was prepared with assistance by the GREENLAND® Group. This concurrent project includes the detailed design and construction of priority road crossings that have flooded for many years and at risk more from frequent flood (including snowmelt) events. Click here for more information
  • Greenland has been retained for civil and environmental work for the new Bolton Camp Project. We are excited to be a part of the team transforming the previous overnight summer camp into a new community cultural hub. Ultimately the new Bolton Camp will be a destination place where people come together to learn, play, create, explore, and share in unique experiences. For more information please see the attached link.
  • After a competitive process by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), GREENLAND® is awarded a contract to assess economic incentives for achieving Lake Erie phosphorus targets that are endorsed by Canadian and United States governments. ECCC is seeking our team’s expert advice on the most promising economic instruments for application in the Lake Erie Basin, the costs and benefits of these economic instruments, the potential of any economic instrument to influence behaviour and the success of these measures where they have been applied in other selected jurisdictions. The project will also contribute to the information needed to develop a domestic action plan to reduce phosphorus in Lake Erie by providing options for meeting the recently endorsed phosphorus reduction targets. 
  • In the spring 2016, all Phase ‘1’ homes of the new Belle Aire Shores Community (see http://www.belleaire.ca) within the Town of Innisfil (Canada) were sold out at the Grand Opening weekend. Retained from the outset by the Cortel Group (http://cortelgroup.com), the GREENLAND® Group has been responsible for all infrastructure planning, design and permitting approval services, and also detailed engineering and construction administration for Phase ‘1’ of the Belle Aire Shores Community. In September, GREENLAND® was authorized by the client to complete all remaining infrastructure design services for the final Phases ‘2’ and ‘3’. When completed, this work will allow for the construction of both phases later next year.
  • The GREENLAND® Group is retained by the County of Simcoe (Canada) to provide site plan development and other engineering services for new Emergency Medical Services (EMS) facilities
  • The GREENLAND® Group is retained by Ontario School Boards to provide site plan development and other engineering services for new education facilities.
  • The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) is a national applied research centre that focuses on mobilizing practical and cost-effective solutions to address climate change and extreme weather events. To this end, the ICCA (http://www.intactcentreclimateadaptation.ca) is an incubator of new adaptation ideas, conducting research, knowledge mobilization and promoting initiatives aimed at de-risking the negative impacts of a changing climate and extreme weather. Some of ICCA’s concerns include a growing uninsurable housing market in Canada relative to sewer backup and need to restore natural wetlands within headwater river basins to help enhance flood resiliency of downstream urban communities. To-date, ICCA and GREENLAND® have initiated a few partnerships of mutual interest and will include GREENLAND® public and private sector clients. Further announcements about these initiatives will be made soon.   
  • Algal blooms are increasing in frequency and intensity in Canadian freshwaters and globally. The key response should include a knowledge-rich and skill-ready workforce to take leadership roles in defining strategies to solve the crisis. GREENLAND® recently provided its written support to Western University (Canada) with its "Algal Bloom Assessment through Science, Technology and Education (ABATE)" training program. This NSERC funded training team includes partners from Canada, U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa. For more information, see https://lnkd.in/dsVN_5S.
  • KISTERS (http://www.kisters.eu) is a medium-sized company that was founded as an engineering office in 1963. It is an international leader of software solutions for the sustainable resource management of energy, water and air and for environmental protection and safety, transportation telematics and 3D viewing. The company is also active in the area of engineering services. KISTERS is a sought-after solution partner with over 500 employees. It is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, as well as numerous international subsidiaries. Partnerships with other companies and the scientific community have formed an important part of the KISTERS’ business strategy for many years. This approach allows KISTERS’ to provide customers with a comprehensive, high-quality solution portfolio from a single source. Recently, GREENLAND® and KISTERS initiated their first joint venture and collaborations on Canadian engineering contracts. This partnership will not only strengthen turnkey solutions by both organizations but also provide guidance and support for collaborative products and related support services. Further announcements about these projects will be made soon.   
  • In late 2015, the proposed Stayner - Ashton Meadows Community within the Township of Clearview (Canada) received draft plan approval. Retained from the outset by the Cortel Group, the GREENLAND® Group was responsible for all engineering services. In September, GREENLAND® was authorized to initiate detailed design services for Phase ‘1’, so that construction of the Stayner - Ashton Meadows Community can begin in the spring of 2017.
  • GREENLAND® is proud to have our Senior Associate Jim Hartman speak at the upcoming WaterTap Marketing User Group: Indigenous Cultural Competency Training for Water Tech Companies. This two-day event will train participants on how to engage and build culturally sensitive relationships to offer water technology solutions to Indigenous communities. Jim has been chosen as a guest expert because of his extensive experience working with Indigenous communities across Canada. 
  • In September 2016, the Collingwood Regional Hospital re-development is identified to be located on lands owned by a GREENLAND® client and where GREENLAND® has served as the Engineer-of-Record.
  • GREENLAND® is invited to present at the “Canada-Nigeria B2B Trade Show” from October 5 – 7, 2016 in the City of Vaughan (Ontario). The trade show provides a valuable opportunity to take a look at the best new offerings in the market, and source high quality leads. On May 6, 2014 Canada and Nigeria signed the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) negotiations in Abuja, Nigeria. The bilateral FIPA provides greater predictability and certainty for Canadian investors considering investment opportunities in Nigeria. Canada’s objective in entering these negotiations was to secure a comprehensive, high-quality agreement which will protect investors through the establishment of a framework of legally binding rights and obligations. At the 2016 Trade Show, GREENLAND® will participate in seminar topics ranging from sustainable infrastructure, food/agriculture, public administration and the natural and built environment. GREENLAND® will present recent projects with a Low Impact Development (LID) focus and which used (at the planning and initial design phases), the company’s proprietary decision support system called CANWET™.
  • GREENLAND® sponsors the “2016 Livable Cities Forum: Changing Climate, Changing Communities” hosted by the Halifax Regional Municipality (Nova Scotia, Canada) and in partnership with the Partners for Action Network (Waterloo, Ontario Canada) and ICLEI Canada, and held from September 12 – 14, 2016.
  • Earlier this year, GREENLAND®Clearflow Group Inc.WCI Environmental Systems and Layfield Construction Group initiated a unique “Life Cycle Costing and Pay for Performance” joint venture. This Canada-wide partnership is initially focusing on the retrofit design and re-construction of municipally-owned and operated stormwater management facilities with a history of excessive sediment and phosphorus loads and related maintenance concerns. In August 2016, GREENLAND® was invited by the City of Waterloo (Ontario) to initiate the team’s first  stormwater management facility project. Also, another project was initiated this summer in the City of Edmonton (Alberta). Work plan updates will be provided later on, as well as other (new) project announcements.
  • In July 2016, GREENLAND® receives funding approval from Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) – IRAP program to further develop ISWMS™.  This includes an open data, internet and GIS-based decision support system (called ‘FLOODVIEW’) for real-time flood control management. The 2-year project is being funded primarily by similar national grants from Sweden and France. Earlier this year, the proposed project partnership received a prestigious “Green Label” from the international EUREKA Program. FLOODVIEW will include the first-ever open and transparent platform that will identify effective solutions to minimize flood damage and risk to life and have regard for local/regional climate change issues of concern. In Canada, pilot basin sites will include these GREENLAND® clients: 1) County of Simcoe; 2) Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation; 3) Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation; and, 4) Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority. The University of Waterloo ‘Partners for Action Network’ and ‘Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA)’ will also assist GREENLAND® with a stakeholder consultations to help inform insurance industry and government decision-makers about the risks of flooding to Canadian communities and opportunities to minimize these risks by using the FLOODVIEW platform. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and CivilGeo Software (from the U.S.); Lund University and 4ITAB (from Sweden); and, AEGIR (from France) are participating too.
  • GREENLAND® sponsors the Canadian Water Network Conference from May 18-19 in Toronto and IAGLR (Great Lakes Basin) Conference from June 6 – 10 in Guelph (Canada).
  • On May 8th,  GREENLAND® and partners from WatershedAtlas Systems are invited by the Communitech Corporation and Canada’s Open Exchange to participate in a roundtable on ‘Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government’. A select group of companies were chosen to meet with representatives from the Treasury Board of the Government of Canada and to help shape Canadian open data policy. Areas of discussion included: 1) Open government, shifting toward “open by default”; 2) Social and economic development; 3) Innovation and prosperity; 4) Fiscal transparency; and, 5) Enabling citizens through information and feedback mechanisms. 
  • GREENLAND® is invited by developer groups to provide an environmental assessment, engineering design and construction management services for new development phases, as well as new water supply and wastewater treatment infrastructure systems. This work also includes cumulative watershed effects modelling to ensure that the urban growth does not impact the receiving river systems, and specifically water chemistry, temperature and stream bank erosion, while also having regard for climate impact factors.
  • GREENLAND®Clearflow Group Inc., WCI Environmental Systems and Layfield Construction Group initiate a unique “Life Cycle Costing and Pay for Performance” joint venture. This Canada-wide partnership will initially focus on the retrofit design and re-construction of municipally-owned and operated stormwater management facilities with a history of excessive sediment and phosphorus loads and related maintenance concerns. In the addition, GREENLAND® and Clearflow will also team on transportation corridor (highway and rail) and resource (mining and pipeline development) projects that require sediment runoff removal “guarantees”. Future project announcements and company contributions will be made later on. 
  • In April 2016,GREENLAND® receives funding from Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) – IRAP program to develop the next version of THREATS™. It will be an open data, internet and GIS-based monitoring platform to manage environmental data and assess cumulative effects. The platform will ultimately provide data to those analyses and store critical asset management and real-time data. Pilot (test) watersheds will be chosen in Alberta, Ontario and another Province that are traversed by existing and proposed crude oil or liquids pipelines.
  • On April 14th, Western University presented “A Symposium on Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the Great Lakes Basin”. GREENLAND® participated by co-leading a workshop and joining a panel of experts. The event initiated Western University’s long-term commitment to work with stakeholders to understand and address the challenges and opportunities facing Ontario’s agriculture and food systems. In addition to workshops encompassing broad reaching themes, participants also discussed the state of scientific knowledge and state of industry/government needs, with a focus on identifying critical gaps in current knowledge. Potential solutions and strategies were also identified to fill these critical gaps through future partnerships between Western University faculty, private industries and government agencies. 
  • The elected Council of the Corporation of the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio (Canada) unanimously passes a resolution that GREENLAND® provide long-term peer review services.
  • On March 22nd, WaterTAP invited R. Mark Palmer, President/CEO of GREENLAND®, Bill Garibaldi, COO of Integrated Planning & Public Works, City of Waterloo, and Roy Varacalli, President of V. Architecture Inc., to share their knowledge with WaterTAP’s Marketing User Group. The topic? Taking on real estate developers as water partners. At the WaterTAP User Group meeting Palmer, Garibaldi and Varacalli gave insights into the way a collaboration between the water sector, a municipality and a developer can work. A discussion between these panelists resulted in a holistic view of the considerations, strategies, and general advice for these partnerships. Click HERE for more information.

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Client Testimonials

Six Nations Council

On behalf of the Environment Office of the Six Nations of the Grand River, we would like to thank Greenland International Consulting Limited for the work completed to prepare the Master Drainage and Flood Remediation Plan (MDFRP) for the McKenzie Creek watershed. This plan has now enabled our office to identify the flood prone residences throughout the watershed with the flood plain mapping that has been prepared as part of this assignement. We appreciate the role that Greenland has played in assisting our office in directing Public Works with prioritizing the remedial projects to be completed in the flood prone areas. 

We also appreciate Greenland's effort in assisting the Six Nations of the Grand River with the preparation of funding applications to secure the resources to complete these remedial works. We are convinced that this MDFRP can be used as a template for completing similar drainage and flood remediation works both locally and in other First Nations lands. 

We look forward to working with your company again in the near future on the remaining watersheds that need this important work done. 

Thank you for your ongoing assistance. 

Clynt King 
Environmental Technician 
Six Nations Council Environment Office 

July 25, 2016

Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change

We are pleased to write in full support of the Canada-Europe Partnership, particularly the collaboration of the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) and the
Partners for Action (P4A) network to support incorporation of climate change considerations in the project and assist in testing FLOODVIEW with Canadian municipalities and insurers.
P4A and IC3 are dedicated to consideration of climate change in Canada’s approach to flood risk management, and dissemination of knowledge and best practices to the insurance industry, government decision-makers, and the Canadian public. We look forward to partnering with you to identify effective solutions to minimize urban flooding.

Dr. Daniel Scott
Executive Director
Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change
Faculty of Environment University of Waterloo

October 20, 2015

The City of Waterloo

As a Senior Project Engineer (Water Resources) for the City of Waterloo, I would like to extend my appreciation to Greenland Consulting Engineers for providing exemplary EA planning, design, contract administration and construction inspection services for the Pond #53 Sediment Removal/Reuse and Retrofit Project.
This project was an important undertaking for the City which consisted of: the removal of 360m3 of sediment for reuse in a City owned boulevard area; removal of all additional sediment (approx. 3,000m3) from the SWMF permanent pool and forebay area to improve its operation, implementation of the retrofit design including improved maintenance access and proactive management of many unforeseen conditions throughout the duration of the project. This project also included significant logistical challenges with respect to the coordination of public access for area residents and businesses, and providing workable solutions to implementing the design as intended due to challenging unforseen site constraints.

As the Design Consultant, Contract Administrator and on-site Construction Inspector, Greenland always maintained open lines of communication between the City, Contractor and the affected residents, and promptly responded to all questions and issues raised by the Contractor, the City and the public. Greenland’s attention to detail throughout the entire duration of this assignment helped ensure the project was completed as required.

Jessica Kellerman, P. Eng
Senior Project Engineer - Water Resources
Engineering Services, Design & Construction
City of Waterloo

October 24, 2019

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