2018 Archived News Items

  • On November 20th, The Greenland Group of Companies was nominated as a finalist in the “Service” category at the 2018 Ontario Export Awards. The awards ceremony was held at the International Centre in Toronto. Nominations for this award recognize leadership and success in exporting from our province. We are appreciative of this recognition and look forward to building on our momentum in international markets over the coming years.
  • In September 2016, the County of Simcoe (Canada) received funding under Canada’s National Disaster Mitigation Program to assist with the development of an “Enhanced Flood Risk Emergency Preparedness Plan”. In October 2018, the project was completed on-budget and on-time. The second-to-none Decision Support Systems (DSS) includes an enhanced flood forecast warning system with HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS models that have regard for changing climate conditions in jurisdictions with considerable snow melt responses in late winter / early spring. This system can also be used to specifically map drainage areas to key flood damage centres, as well as road bridges and culverts. Rating curves were developed for use in the Internet platform. Contributing watershed flow responses were also calibrated with snow melt flood events from past records. Historical flood responses from snow melt events were correlated with actual weather conditions and applied return frequency. The unique system can also download real-time Environment Canada and Climate Change (ECCC) weather data anywhere in Canada and correlate flood responses and report municipal crossings at risk to current Municipal Emergency Operations Centres through a GIS platform. For more information about this web version of ISWMS™, please contact us at greenland@grnland.com.
  • Earlier this year, GREENLAND® began the Ontario construction season with a ‘big bang’ – thanks to many construction administration and management contacts. This article speaks volumes about one of these contracts that is “on-schedule and on-budget”.
  • This year, the GREENLAND® “Internet of Things” toolbox became larger with new Machine Learning capabilities. This includes positive results from a new tool in Southern Ontario that is being used with in-house analytical platforms for floodplain mapping (ISWMS™) and cumulative effects (THREATS™) projects, as well as low flow assessments (with CANWET™) for designing stormwater management and wastewater treatment facilities. This image shows an application where historical flow time series data was generated for an “ungauged watershed” project using the new tool. Using AWS Cloud Computing Services, the tool can produce ungauged watershed flow time series data anywhere in Southern Ontario. It uses HYDAT flow records for gauged watersheds in Ontario; open source climate data; and, digital soils and land use (open) data. Further work is underway but the results are very promising in terms significantly reducing our staff time in order to focus more on sustainable development & infrastructure solutions.
  • In October, GREENLAND® and Town of Collingwood presented together at the Water Innovation Week Conference in the City of Toronto and hosted by WaterTAP Ontario. The topic focused on harnessing big data from niche internet technology and low impact development systems via landmark project focused on reducing the risk of basement flooding during extreme weather events. Participants also learned how this partnership with other groups worked together to form an effective functioning and successful team.
  • Over the summer, GREENLAND® continued partnership discussions with the Southern Ontario Stream Monitoring and Research Team (SoSmart) so that in-house Decision Support Systems (incl. THREATS™) can access environmental (open) databases and including the Flowing Waters Information System (FWIS) and Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program.  The attached THREATS™ screen platform image shows how this cumulative effects platform can access FWIS datasets. This open data bridge to THREATS™ has also allowed GREENLAND® to expand core environmental engineering services by significantly reducing the time for design phase analytics when compared with other available software tools that are used instead.
  • GREENLAND® has released “free hydrologic tools” built with Ontario open data and open source GIS. The tools have been incorporated into the THREATS™, CANWET™ and ISWMS™ Decision Support Systems and can be customized for other regions too.  
  • Earlier this year, the Town of Collingwood (Ontario) Smart Stormwater Project was initiated. All installations will be completed in 2018 for the 3-year project. GREENLAND® is now harnessing Big Data from all Internet Technology and Low Impact Development (LID) systems that are focused on reducing the risk of flooding during extreme weather events. Thispicture collage shows one of the downtown commercial (professional office) properties being monitored in real time. The site has been fitted with not only Smart RainGrid Cistern (plus rainwater harvesting) and Smart SafeSump basement drainage protection products but also LID rain garden and permeable paver parking features. Altogether a “zero runoff” target property is possible. Similar (larger) sites, as well as residential properties throughout the municipality, are being monitored too. For more information, visit the project website.
  • In October 2017, GREENLAND and research team at the University of Guelph, Canada, were awarded a sizable grant to further develop CANWET™. This funding was provided by the SOSCIP – Smart Computing for Innovation Program and helps advance CANWET™ with high performance parallel computing functionality. In August 2018, more SOSCIP funding was secured by GREENLAND®. These notes were also appended to the approval letter: “The reviewers agreed that the need for team salary support was justified and that the described project activities would accelerate the overall goals of the SOSCIP project. The committee noted that the project is in good standing with SOSCIP and appears to be making good progress.”
  • In the summer 2018, and following competitive bidding processes, GREENLAND® was retained for new & extended roster contracts with municipalities in the South Georgian Bay Region. This includes the Town of CollingwoodMunicipality of Meaford; and, Town of The Blue Mountains – all of which are some of the fastest growing municipalities in Southern Ontario. The three (3) year rosters include assisting with infrastructure system priorities ranging from municipal sewer networks; stormwater drainage; structural; and, transportation engineering design and construction oversight projects.
  • In July, GREENLAND® was the prime sponsor at the annual Canadian Society for Bioengineering Conference held at the University of Guelph. The week conference included technical presentations, poster presentations, plenary sessions, and technical tours. The conference also provided an opportunity to share research ideas, experiences and insights with an intention to transform them into innovative, sustainable and resilient solutions. The awards dinner event speaker was Gordon Walker, Q.C., Commissioner and Canadian Chair of the Great Lakes Basin International Joint Commission.
  • The Regional Municipality of Halifax (Canada) manages 12 fueling sites and 19 fuel storage tanks for diesel and gasoline. These facilities supply fuel for approximately 1,900 pieces of equipment that include buses, trucks, medium and light duty vehicles and miscellaneous equipment. In June 2018, the GREENLAND® Group was retained by the Municipality to complete a “Fuel Compliance Review” for all fuel handling and storage facilities. The work was completed “on-time and on-budget” and included detailed photographic inspections and site reports to assess the environmental and regulatory compliance status, requirements and deficiencies for each fuel system. The work plan also included preparing a compliance management and corrective action plan to ensure all identified tank systems were compliant with regulatory requirements, as well as industry best management practices.
  • In May and June, GREENLAND® and public sector clients were awarded sizable funding from Canada’s National Disaster Mitigation Program to further develop ISWMS™ for new projects. ISWMS™ is an Internet-GIS (open source) decision support system with 2-dimensional floodplain mapping and flood forecasting capabilities. ISWMS™ includes HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS modeling functionality; new snowmelt prediction modeling; and, real-time data access to all climate and river flow stations operated by Environment and Climate Change Canada. For one of the projects, the tool will be used with new LiDAR mapping data. Each project includes an Ontario Conservation Authority as the lead agency and with partner lower and upper tier municipalities participating too. Announcements will be made soon about each project.
  • In June, GREENLAND® is invited to present at Canada’s 2018 - National Water and Wastewater Conference in Montreal, Québec. Our presentation in early November will communicate how we are harnessing, combining and implementing industry leading “smart” systems for integrated stormwater and wastewater project applications. The goals of these projects are to address municipal infrastructure life cycle concerns and reduce WWTP energy and water use - while ultimately providing better services to municipal residents.
  • In June, the GREENLAND® - ISWMS™ development team at the Lund University (Sweden) published its first research review of the HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS tools included in the new Internet platform version of ISWMS™. As background, Sweden and Nepal are affected by annual floods though their nature and impact due to different geographical and hydrological settings. The Lund University team focused on evaluating the performance of HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS models for the Kankai River basin in Nepal and Kävlinge River basin in Sweden. The study also examined the effects of annual rainfall on surface runoff and peak river discharges, which ultimately produce flood inundation conditions that impact settlement areas within both watersheds.
  • In June, WaterTAP Ontario and Global Affairs Canada selected GREENLAND® to join a Canadian Water Technology Tour to Chicago and Milwaukee U.S.A. The team will also participate in the “Water Leaders Summit”. The week will be a proud moment for all participating Ontario companies to showcase “Made in Canada” water technologies; best engineering practices; and, scaling capabilities via introductions by WaterTAP and Government of Canada. GREENLAND® will profile ongoing partnerships with proprietary Internet-based decision support systems and connected “Smart’ (Internet-of-Things) products for river basin protection and urban stormwater management projects.  
  • In June, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) approved funding to support a new ‘Smart’ technology collaboration by GREENLAND® and University of Guelph. The project is being led by a renowned mechatronic systems design and rehabilitation robotics expert, Dr. Hussein Abdullah, and who is affiliated with the College of Physical and Engineering Sciences. When completed, the prototype (and focused on health and wellness objectives) will hopefully help those with mobility access issues. This collaboration is another example of the GREENLAND® business brand that is now accelerating its ‘Smart’ social impact partnerships and resulting Internet-related products and database platforms.
  • GREENLAND® is retained by municipality clients in Ontario to assist with the preparation of water / wastewater infrastructure and land development engineering standards – including, Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development (LID) practices that also have regard for best available science and climate change impact considerations. 
  • In May, and following a competitive bidding process, GREENLAND® was selected by the Nickel District Conservation Authority (NDCA) and the City of Greater Sudbury (Ontario) for a Low Impact Development (LID) project on municipal-owned lands. The final design will be constructed this year. Having worked for the City last year on another (and well received) green infrastructure and recreational trail project, the same GREENLAND® team has been assigned to this first LID retrofit project in the City of Sudbury.
  • In May, GREENLAND® assisted the County of Simcoe (Canada) to submit an application for "Smart Cities Challenge". Earlier this year, GREENLAND® partnered with many others and the County of Simcoe submission focused on utilizing innovative 'Smart technologies' to reduce future damages and public risk.
  • Earlier in May, a Greenland team spoke at Ontario’s Water Conference & Trade Show in Niagara Falls about our “Collingwood Smart Stormwater Project”. Our presentation communicated how we are harnessing, combining and implementing industry leading “smart” systems specifically for water infrastructure applications. We discussed the ultimate goal of our project which is to help extend WWTP asset life, reduce energy and water use, while ultimately providing better services to municipal residents. A copy of our presentation can be found here.

  • In April, GREENLAND® received an unsolicited letter of support from Collingwood (Ontario) and where its head office has been located since 2003. The Town has been a client since incorporation too. Therefore, giving back to the community in various ways (and on an annual basis) has been important to management and employees.
  • Since incorporation, GREENLAND® has been fortunate to receive many letters of acknowledgment from long-standing private and public sector clients, as well as at the start of new relationships. This unsolicited letter of support from LANDREX is very much appreciated and as GREENLAND® looks forward to further working with the Clearflow Group for not only projects in Alberta, but also other Provinces and overseas.
  • A few years ago, GREENLAND® was introduced to the Philippine Watershed Management Coalition, partnering agencies and local universities by the Government of Canada. GREENLAND® later hosted representatives in Collingwood, Ontario. In April, further partnering progress was made after GREENLAND® presented its proprietary Internet-based decision support systems to delegates attending the 13th General Assembly and National Watershed Conference.
  • The GREENLAND® Group began the 2018 construction season in Ontario with a ‘big bang’ – thanks to new construction administration and management contracts in the South Georgian Bay, Barrie – Innisfil and Greater Toronto regions. The projects include stormwater management, municipal infrastructure and land development related projects.
  • Late last year, GREENLAND® completed the initial prototype of the next evolution of ISWMS™. Development began in 2016. It is an Internet-GIS (open source) decision support system with 2-dimensional floodplain mapping and flood forecasting capabilities. ISWMS™ now includes HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS modeling functionality; new snowmelt prediction modeling; and, real-time data access to all climate and river flow stations operated by Environment and Climate Change Canada. This winter, the Saugeen River basin test platform has been operating. It successfully predicted flooding conditions at Walkerton, Ontario from significant January and February 2018 rainfall + snowmelt events. This picturecompares the February 2018 forecasted and measured hydrographs. Forecasted water levels from the Saugeen River platform (predicted by ISWMS™ days in advance) were also confirmed by other parties, including a drone video system and bridge water level measurements. The February 2018 flood forecast and independent verification of actual flood conditions is encouraging. Future platform runs will improve (for all seasons) as we incorporate AI-learning capabilities this year. Platform testing will continue on other Ontario watersheds too.
  • The GREENLAND® Group is awarded design engineering, construction administration and management contracts for new Emergency Management Services (EMS) facilities in Southern Ontario.
  • In February, and another ‘first’ for GREENLAND®, retrofit construction approvals were secured for the Laurelwood Pond #53 facility in the City of Waterloo. Since construction (in 2003), the stormwater pond has accumulated significant sediment from upstream sources. The new GREENLAND® design was derived using a unique “Low Maintenance Approach” and which had regard for cumulative watershed effects (and climate change concerns) using CANWET™. The retrofit will also include proprietary water - sediment removal products by the Clearflow Group. The Pond #53 retrofit is the first time in Canada that these products will be used within a municipal stormwater management facility. In addition to significant cost savings from a life cycle perspective, the Pond #53 retrofit will improve downstream water quality within the Grand River Basin and ultimate discharge to Lake Erie. When implemented on a larger scale (and by any municipality), the financial and environmental benefits from using the same design will be positive. Finally, the project was presented at the 2018 TRIECA conference in Toronto by the City of Waterloo and GREENLAND® team. A copy of the presentation is attached.
  • In January, GREENLAND® employees were off to a great start to local community investment support. For example, staff participated in Collingwood’s “Coldest Night of the Year” fundraising event. In February, GREENLAND® was responsible for busing expenses for South Georgian Bay high school students to participate in the 2018 Haste and Hustle event in Toronto. Later this year, GREENLAND® will provide the same support for students to attend other Smart career - information activities involving Communitech in the Region of Waterloo. When GREENLAND® was at the start-up stage and was only able to provide a few modest high school scholarships, the company’s support of public education has grown. Therefore, starting early with local community investments can pay social dividends in the years to come - including high school graduates who are now part-of the GREENLAND® team.

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The Greenland Group (Greenland) was introduced to Communitech in 2013. This letter is to acknowledge the importance of this proactive joint venture and to indicate our strong interest in future project partnerships with Greenland and other network members.

Greenland is now supporting other joint initiatives with Communitech. These leading-edge information technology partners will include other private sector members with the Communitech network, as well as Ontario government agencies and First Nation communities. These projects are intended to develop commercialized products and services involving the Greenland Group and other Communitech partners and to enable new Canada-wide related collaborations.

Mark, if any your prospective clients or contacts have questions regarding our collaborative efforts to date, ongoing discussions and project leveraging capabilities, the Communitech team would be more than happy to help.

We look forward to our continued strong collaboration with Greenland.

Iain Klugman

February 19, 2015

County of Simcoe

The County of Simcoe is the upper tier government and planning authority for most of the South Georgian Bay – Lake Simcoe Source Water Protection Region. The County, in partnership with its member municipalities, other levels of government, floodplain management agencies and two (2) conservation authorities, also provides leadership through policy, and actively in the restoration and protection of the environmental health and quality of these watersheds. As you know, in order to comply with, and be environmentally proactive with respect to the Province of Ontario’s “Places to Grow” legislation, the County of Simcoe utilized innovative decision support tools such as Greenland’s CANWET™ model. In 2012, CANWET™ was also used by the County to prepare a “Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Visioning Strategy”. To this day, the information in the Strategy’s final report is used by local municipalities, development interests and other stakeholders as a background reference to help identify sustainable development solutions.
This letter confirms the County of Simcoe's commitment of support which includes initially facilitating the introduction of this landmark international collaboration with all 16 local municipalities, other governments (small and large) and other agencies that partner now with the County of Simcoe on land use planning; infrastructure renewal; and flooding risk/damage reduction initiatives.
As always, I look forward to our continued working relationship with you and your colleagues and the significant benefits these efforts will have for our residents and environment. The County of Simcoe appreciates your efforts towards developing information based decision making tools and we are confident that this project will prove beneficial in our collaborative goal to improve watershed health for all County residents.

Mark Aitken
Chief Administration Officer
The Corporation of the County of Simcoe

October 19, 2015

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

In March of 2013, Greenland International Consulting Ltd. completed a study for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to estimate nutrient loading in small catchment of about 177 square kilometers in the La Salle River watershed in southern Manitoba using the CANWET 4 model. Given uncertainties in some input data and model parameters, the preliminary results using the CANWET 4 model for baseline conditions of stream discharge, nutrient concentrations and loads were satisfactory in our project team as simulated values were within the range of observed values during the validation period.

This study suggests the CANWET 4 modeling approach could be used to predict changes to nutrient loads from changing land use scenarios in watersheds of this region.

Jason Vanrobaeys
Senior Land Resource Specialist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


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