The Healthy River Ecosystem AssessmenT System (THREATS™)

The Healthy River Ecosystem AssessmenT System (THREATS™) – is an Internet platform for spatial-temporal analytics focusing on hydrological, water quality, air quality, climate and anthropogenic processes.

THREATS™ hosts over a hundred datasets, as well as accessing third party APIs to call dynamic datasets including from the Water Survey of Canada, DataStream, Provincial Databases and Environment and Climate Change Canada. The combination of data and science - based analysis modules makes it "fast and easy" to access and visualize data, calculate statistical indicators or access predictive models also built into the web platform. Visualization includes interactive mapping, charts and statistics.

Current (proprietary) analysis modules and related data (involving CA university research teams) include:

  • Robust and user interactive water quality analyses, statistics and water forensic analytical tools;
  • Water hazards, hydrometric stations and regulated permit to take water or water taking license databases;
  • Synthetic hydrographs and real-time (flood and drought) flow prediction (30 day maximum) analytics;
  • Spatial analysis for calculating geometric and attribute characteristics within a region of interest;
  • Pipeline incidents trends analysis for sensitive land designations;
  • Unique Indigenous flow regime and navigability TK application tool (incl. Peace - Athabasca Delta);
  • Global Land Data Assimilation System – place based climate analysis system for "what if" scenarios;
  • "CANWET Powered by SWAT" – watershed model calibration and visualization engine to assess land use change impacts and effectiveness of site level mitigation & source water protection scenario analyses;
  • Air quality analysis and statistics;
  • Travel time calculator for large river basins (e.g. North Saskatchewan, Peace - Athabasca in Western CA);
  • Watershed delineation and flow path trace tool; and,
  • Integrated Metabase business intelligence tool lets users ask “questions” of the database and build dashboards.
GREENLAND customizes the platform to include data and tool sets that address specific requirements and add to baseline offerings that are already operational.

We use a Software as a Service business model where THREATS™ is a vehicle for delivery of I.T. driven civil engineering and specialty environmental services.

THREATS™ contains a wide range of complementing datasets that assist in source water protection, watershed planning, new community, cumulative impact assessment and environmental investigations.

For more information about THREATS™, licensing details or participating in a future webinar demonstration, please contact
We would also welcome opportunities to further develop THREATS™ for specific client needs and with other teams that have complimentary information technology services. 

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Client Testimonials

The City of Waterloo

As a Senior Project Engineer (Water Resources) for the City of Waterloo, I would like to extend my appreciation to Greenland Consulting Engineers for providing exemplary EA planning, design, contract administration and construction inspection services for the Pond #53 Sediment Removal/Reuse and Retrofit Project.
This project was an important undertaking for the City which consisted of: the removal of 360m3 of sediment for reuse in a City owned boulevard area; removal of all additional sediment (approx. 3,000m3) from the SWMF permanent pool and forebay area to improve its operation, implementation of the retrofit design including improved maintenance access and proactive management of many unforeseen conditions throughout the duration of the project. This project also included significant logistical challenges with respect to the coordination of public access for area residents and businesses, and providing workable solutions to implementing the design as intended due to challenging unforseen site constraints.

As the Design Consultant, Contract Administrator and on-site Construction Inspector, Greenland always maintained open lines of communication between the City, Contractor and the affected residents, and promptly responded to all questions and issues raised by the Contractor, the City and the public. Greenland’s attention to detail throughout the entire duration of this assignment helped ensure the project was completed as required.

Jessica Kellerman, P. Eng
Senior Project Engineer - Water Resources
Engineering Services, Design & Construction
City of Waterloo

October 24, 2019

Town of Collingwood

RE: Town of Collingwood ‘Smart’ Stormwater Project
I would like to thank and recognize GREENLAND® for their leadership role in the above project. Your firm identified the opportunity to work together with other private firms and public sector organizations, together with the support of the Town of Collingwood and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, to address a growing Concern in communities related to lot-level flood mitigation.
GREENLAND® strategized and implemented, over almost 3 years, the “first-ever in Canada” work plan to mitigate problems of climate-change induced stormwater flooding which impacts many residential, commercial and institutional properties. The innovative project approach monitored 4 different Low Impact Development (LID) approaches for reducing lot-level flooding and their ability to redirect site drainage away from municipal sewer systems. Using innovative real-time (aka ‘Smart’) technologies, GREENLAND® was also able to generate ‘Big Data’ that provided new insights into the effectiveness of these different approaches. The GREENLAND® team’s level of commitment, thoroughness and professionalism was appreciated by the municipality. GREENLAND® maintained open lines of communication with Town staff, contractors, participating residents, and promptly responded to all questions and issues raised by the public.
We commend your firm’s efforts as a pioneer in implementing this project approach.
Sonya Skinner
Acting Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Collingwood

June 2, 2020

Provincial Parliament - Riding of Barrie-Innisfil

As the Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of Barrie-Innisfil, I am pleased to extend my congratulations to The Greenland Group of Companies on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary.

Thank you for growing your business with a focus on making a minimal impact on the environment. The experience that you have gained already will prove invaluable to smarter, innovative developments.

I wish you continued success in delivering award-winning engineering and technologies as you serve communities across Canada.


Andrea Khanjin
Barrie-Innisfil MPP


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